Virtual Moon Atlas – for Moon observation or survey

Virtual Moon Atlas is open source software that allows users to observe and study the moon and its surface. It can visualize the Moon aspect for every date and hour and pilot computerized telescopes on the Moon surface.

Virtual Moon Atlas displays a 3D lunar globe which can be magnified, rotated, and navigated. On its left panel, the program provides us with a thorough study of the lunar surface with an amazing level of detail, which includes its dimension, position, its craters and formations.

This software is used in the Chandrayaan 1 lunar mission preparation, books, magazines, observatories, universities and web sites.

Features include:

  • Study lunar formations with unique database of more than 9,000 entries and more than 7,000 pictures library.
  • Uses Open GL with real 3D lunar globe, Phases and librations display, Goto mounts driving.
  • Phases and librations display.
  • Double windows display.
  • Airbrush with and without albedo” textures” and “Clementine” photographic texture with 1,000 m resolution.
  • Multi windows and scientific overlays use.
  • Atlun – the mapping module.
  • Datlun – a database manager with powerful sort functions.
  • Photlun – a pictures library management module.
  • Very high resolution textures.
  • 39 scientific overlays.
  • Interfaced with SkyChart.
  • Internationalization support – Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Slovak, and Spanish.

Support: Documentation
Developer: Christian Legrand, Patrick Chevalley
License: GNU GPL v2

Virtual Moon Atlas

Virtual Moon Atlas is written in Pascal. Learn Pascal with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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