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7 Useful Free Static Web Servers

In hardware terms, a web server is a computer that stores web server software and a website’s component files such as HTML documents, images, CSS and JavaScript files. A web server connects to the Internet and supports physical data interchange with other devices connected to the web.

The purpose of this roundup is to focus on web servers that are designed for mostly static content. For example, these types of web server are well placed to serve the content of a ftp server via http.

The developers of static web servers often believe most of the web does not need to be dynamic and increasing complexity on server-side applications is one of the main reasons for the web obesity crisis.

We haven’t prepared a ratings chart for this roundup.

Let’s explore the static web servers. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Static Web Servers
binserveFast production-ready static web server
darkhttpdA simple web server written in C; only serves static content
miniserveCLI tool to serve files and dirs over HTTP
quarkSmall and simple HTTP GET/HEAD-only web server for static content
serveStatic file serving and directory listing
Static Web ServerHigh-performance and asynchronous web server
webfsSimple http server for mostly static content.

If you’re looking for full-blown web servers, they are explored in a separate article.

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