Transcode – transcodes various video, audio, and container formats

Transcode is a suite of tools, all of which are command line utilities, for transcoding various video, audio, and container formats, running on a platform that supports shared libraries and threads. Decoding and encoding is done by loaded modules that are responsible for feeding transcode with raw video/audio streams (import modules) and encoding the frames (export modules).

It includes a variety of video and audio filters, including (but not limited to) video de-interlacing, audio resampling, framerate conversion, different video resizing algorithms, smoothing, sharpening, denoisifying, and cutting.

It’s modular concept is intended to provide flexibility and easy user extensibility to include other video/audio codecs or filetypes.

Decode/encode your favorite DVDs or vacation Digital Videos to single CD video files on a platform that supports shared libraries and threads with transcode’s import helpers tcextract and tcdecode.

Features include:

  • Video:
    • Cut out arbitrary frame region for processing.
    • De-interlace video frame.
    • Fast enlarging of video width/height by a multiple of 32 rows/column up to 1024×768.
    • Fast reduction of video width/height by a multiple of 32 rows/column.
    • High-quality resizing with filter.
    • Cut out arbitrary frame region for encoding.
    • Rescale (downsample) video width/height by a power of 2.
    • Flip video frame upside down.
    • Mirror image of video frame.
    • Swap R and B bytes in video frame.
    • Transform to b/w video frame.
    • Apply gamma correction.
    • Anti-alias video frame.
  • Audio:
    • Change the volume of the audio stream.
    • Resample audio stream.
    • Swap byte order in audio stream.

Website: Available in many distributions’ repositories
Developer: John Varouhakis
License: GNU GPL


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