TICKR – RSS reader displaying RSS feeds in a ticker bar

TICKR is an open source GTK-based RSS reader application. Unlike the competition, it displays RSS feeds in a ticker bar.

The software displays feeds as a smooth scrolling line, as known from TV stations. The software is highly customizable and scrolling is fast and smooth.

TICKR can also be used with any text files instead of remote XML resources. And it can be used in scripts as all parameters can be set from command line.

TICKR is written in C with GTK+ and Libxml2.

Features include:

  • Highly configurable – change the scrolling speed, update delay, fonts, font sizes and colors, dimensions and location of TICKR on the screen, as well as displaying text inside a “draggable” window or without one, displaying or not a clock, and much more.
  • Bookmark your favorite RSS feeds, link TICKR with your favorite browser so that you can open links and watch web pages you’re interested in with just one click.
  • HTTPS support.
  • Reverse scrolling.
  • Import feed subscriptions.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Cross platform support – runs under Linux and Windows.

Website: www.open-tickr.net
Support: Help
Developer: Emmanuel Thomas-Maurin
License: GNU GPL

To build the software, you’ll need development packages for GTK+ and Libxml2.

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