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Synology Hyper Backup Explorer – desktop tool

Synology Hyper Backup Explorer is a desktop tool for browsing, decrypting, and extracting different versions of backup data in Hyper Backup repositories. It’s a Qt-based graphical utility.

Hyper Backup Explorer is a cross-platform tool which runs under Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions, as well as macOS and Windows.

Synology DS1517+ NASHyper Backup Explorer is tested with Linux desktop machines connected to a Synology DS1517+ NAS, a 5-bay NAS drive, provided by Synology. We’ll also be using the NAS drive to help evaluate a wide range of open source Linux backup software in a forthcoming series.


We downloaded the Linux desktop tool from Synology’s website. We restricted our testing to the Linux client, downloading the compressed tarball HyperBackupExplorer-3.0.1-0156-linux.tar.bz2. It’s an 86MB download.

Inspecting the compressed tarball shows that it won’t create its own directory when extracting. Rather than pollute our ~/Downloads directory, let’s make a fresh sub-directory.

$ mkdir ~/Downloads/HyperBackupExplorer

Move the compressed tarball to that directory:

$ mv ~/Downloads/HyperBackupExplorer-3.0.1-0156-linux.tar.bz2 ~/Downloads/HyperBackupExplorer

Change into the directory, and extract the contents of the tar Bz2 file:

$ cd ~/Downloads/HyperBackupExplorer

$ tar xvf HyperBackupExplorer-3.0.1-0156-linux.tar.bz2

We can now start Hyper Backup Explorer with the command:


We’d like to see a proper installation script, or actual .deb, .rpm packages.

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