Stonks – terminal based stock visualizer and tracker

In Operation

Let’s pull up an intra-day stock chart for the FTSE 100. Issue the command:

$ stonks ^FTSE -W 72

FTSE 100 chart with stonks

Here’s a chart of an individual stock (BP.L) listed on the London Stock Exchange.

$ stonks BP.L -W 72

Besides the line theme, we can also display charts with dot and icon themes. An example chart with the dot theme is shown below.

We can retrieve a stock chart over a longer period using the -d or -w options. The example below shows the exchange rate between the £ and $.


What other options are there?

-e shows extra pre + post time, -i lets you change the interval string, and we can save a string with the -s option. The latter option lets you add a favorite stock so that you can just issue the command $ stonks without needing to specify the stock.

We’ve constrained the base width of the graphs using the -W option so that each chart renders better on LinuxLinks’s website.


Stonks is a simple and lightweight command-line tool for monitoring stocks, indices, and currencies. With the help of WTF, you can even perform periodic monitoring of the financial data. WTF is a very useful dashboard tool which is highly extensible by using its wide range of modules.

Stonks lacks the flexibility of tickrs and mop, which offer useful functionality such as the grouping of stocks and an in realtime expression-based filtering engine .

Developer: Eric Moynihan
License: GNU General Public License v3.0

Stonks is written in Go. Learn Go with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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