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SongRec – open source Shazam client

In Operation

Here is an image of SongRec in operation.

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SongRec mimics its mobile relation by turning on the microphone and capturing sounds from it. The software automatically detects when a song changes and offers recognition of the new song.

It’s possible to turn off the microphone recognition and recognize songs from your speakers. The software can also recognize songs by supplying it with a local audio file. It’s a useful way to find missing tags and other details of tracks from a local music library.

What does the program do behind the scenes? It takes a fingerprint of the song, uploads it to the Shazam server, and then displays the results. The Rust client doesn’t do any of the actual recognition and sends only information about the prominent frequency peaks of a song.

Much of the output window is consumed by an image of the album, and a history of the recognized songs. The list can be exported in CSV format.

There’s also the ability to generate a lure from a song. When playing the lure, Shazam believes that it’s the concerned song.

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