PSPP – statistical analysis of sampled data

PSPP is a command-line program for statistical analysis of sampled data. It is intended as a free replacement of the proprietary program, SPSS.

It interprets commands in the SPSS language and produces output in two forms: tables and charts, and tabular output in ASCII, PostScript, or HTML format.

It already supports a large subset of SPSS’s transformation language. Its statistical procedure support is currently limited, but increasing.

Features include:

  • Supports over 1 billion cases.
  • Supports over 1 billion variables.
  • Import Excel, Gnumeric, OpenDocument spreadsheets, Comma Separated Values and ASCII files as well as Postgres databases.
  • Export to SPSS ‘Portable’, ‘system’, and ASCII.
  • Performs T-tests (One Sample, Independent Samples, and Paired Samples Modes), ANOVA, linear regression and other statistical operations.
  • Recode, rearrange, and manipulate data.
  • High-quality output formatting:
    • Presentation-quality tables on suitable devices, such as laser printers and raster displays. This is currently implemented through a PostScript driver. A simple HTML tables driver is also available.
    • Other devices, such as terminals and dot-matrix printers, are supported through an ASCII driver. IBM PC box-drawing characters can also be used. Bold and italics are supported if the underlying device supports them.
    • Output can be directed to multiple devices at once, for instance to a dot-matrix printer and a PostScript printer, and retain the unique output properties of each device.
  • Portability: PSPP is easy to port.

Support: Manual
Developer: Ben Pfaff and other contributors
License: GNU GPL v3


PSPP is written in C. Learn C with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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