PreviSat – satellite tracking software for observing purposes

PreviSat is a satellite tracking software for observing purposes.

The software shows positions of artificial satellites in real-time or manual mode. PreviSat is able to make predictions of their passes, predictions of MetOp and COSMO-SkyMed flares, ISS transits and several other calculations.

PreviSat implements the SGP4 model (revised in 2006) which uses the TLE orbital elements in order to calculate the geocentric position of artificial satellites. PreviSat shows satellites in a world map view or in a sky map view and is able to calculate all passes of satellites for any location in the world.

Developed in C++/Qt, PreviSat works on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows and makes fast and precise calculations.

Features include:

  • NORAD SGP4 model (Hoots, Roehrich, 1980; Vallado, 2006).
  • World map / Sky map.
  • ISS Live and Wall Command Center visualization.
  • Topocentric / Equatorial / Terrestrial coordinates (satellites, Sun, Moon).
  • Osculating elements, satellite informations.
  • Weather for observer location and NASA bases.
  • Intuitive interface (handling of TLE, selection of location, options for display).
  • Satellite data search (all objects referenced by NORAD since 1957).
  • Real-time, a manual and a simulation mode. So you can observe the displacements of the satellites in real time, or you can display positions for any times. In the “Main” tab, the numerical position is given in different frames (terrestrial, horizontal, equatorial) and some characteristics are given depending on the satellite position (velocity, magnitude).
  • Predictions of passes – calculates passes of artificial satellites for any location on Earth and it is possible to set many parameters (Sun maximum elevation, satellite minimum elevation…).
  • TLE tools that let you update categories of orbital elements from the Internet and create a TLE file from another by specifying limiting values for orbital elements.
  • Management of location and options for display.

Support: SourceForge Project Page
Developer: Astropedia
License: GNU General Public License v3.0


PreviSat is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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