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Last Updated on August 13, 2022

Memory Usage

The chart below shows memory usage for various open source music players.


It’s notable that Mélodie has a rather hefty memory footprint. Let’s try to put this into context. First, some of the music clients are console-based. Naturally, console based apps are often more frugal in memory usage than their graphical counterparts. But graphical clients can have low memory usage. For example Qmmp is a Qt-based graphical client with a Winamp style interface. Pragha, LXMusic and Sayonara are also graphical clients with memory usage less than 100MB.

Mélodie uses 387MB of RAM. Its high memory usage is a consequence of the fact that the software uses Electron, a framework well-known for creating bloated apps. Violin, Museeks, Mooysync and FLB Music are all Electron based.

At its core, an Electron app is a browser but without the user interface of a browser. It is just the renderer, and just like a web app in a regular browser, it uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build an interface and provide functionality. This abstraction means Electron apps generally use more memory.

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