KBibTeX – reference management software primarily for BibTeX

KBibTeX is a bibliography editor and shell for KDE and often used together with Kile. Its main purpose is to provide a user-friendly interface to BibTeX files.

KBibTeX gives you the ability to use all the functionalities of BibTeX in a graphical interface,giving you easy, immediate, and customized access to local and online bibliographies with ability of entries completing, compiling, previewing and searching.

KBibTeX’s primary file format is BibTeX as known from LaTeX, but other formats such as RIS, PDF, or RTF can be imported and exported.

The software is released under an open source license.

Features include:

  • Enter a preamble that defines how special text should be formatted in your bibliography using Element –> New element –> New preamble menu item or Main Toolbar.
  • Choose an entry encoding using Encoding item in Save as dialog or on the File Settings panel.
  • Enter comments that are not taken in regard by BibTeX using Element –> New element –> New comment menu item or Main Toolbar.
  • Preview and save bibliography entries in various formats (Source (BibTEX), Source (RIS),Wikipedia, standard (XML/XSLT), fancy (XML/XSLT), and abstract-only (XML/XSLT)) using Reference Preview panel. Additional preview styles become available when bibtex2html is installed.
  • Search for the bibliography entries data in online databases using Online Search panel.
  • View local or remote (online) resources (such as files) linked in the BibTeX entry using Document Preview panel.
  • Find and fix duplicate entries in bibliography using Edit –> Find Duplicates menu item or Main Toolbar.
  • Import your Zotero library using Zotero panel..

Website: userbase.kde.org/KBibTeX
Support: The KBibTeX Handbook, GitHub Code Repository
Developer: Thomas Fischer
License: GNU General Public License v2.0


  • KDE Frameworks 5 libraries.
  • LaTeX – a high-quality document typesetting program
  • bibtex2html – collection of tools for translating from BibTEX to HTML to enhance KBibTeX entrypreviewing capabilities (optional dependency).


KBibTeX is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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