Intel NUC 13 Pro running Ubuntu 23.10 Desktop

Intel NUC 13 Pro Mini PC Running Linux: Configuring Ubuntu 23.10

Installing Software

Ubuntu 23.10 sports a new Ubuntu App Center that replaces the previous Snap Store. The application has been written from scratch using the Flutter toolkit.

App Center

The app is definitely faster than the previous Ubuntu Software/Snap Store app. It’s easy to use, looks clean and beginner friendly. Searches are fast, and results can be filtered by Debian packages and Snap packages. There’s sorting by relevance, alphabetical (A to Z), alphabetical (Z to A), size (smallest to largest), and size (largest to smallest).

My main issue with the App Center is that it really needs wider support than snaps and debs in the repositories.

Sadly, the aim of the app is to provide a good out-of-the-box experience on Ubuntu, but it’s not intended to be a software portal. So users who want to dabble with all the wonderful software recommended in the Best Free and Open Source Linux Software will frequently need to look outside the App Center.

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Page 1 – System Update and Firmware
Page 2 – Installing Software
Page 3 – Ubuntu Desktop with GNOME 45
Page 4 – Graphics
Page 5 – Steam and Heroic Games Launcher
Page 6 – Flatpak
Page 7 – Swap File and Summary

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Intel NUC 13 Pro Mini PC
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Part 4Configuring Ubuntu 23.10 Desktop
Part 5Power Consumption
Part 6P-Cores and E-Cores
Part 7Gaming
Part 8Installing and Configuring Manjaro
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