htop – interactive process viewer

htop is an open source interactive and real time process monitoring application similar to the venerable top utility. With htop, you can scroll the list vertically and horizontally to see all processes and their full command lines.

Tasks related to processes (killing, renicing) can be done without entering their PIDs.

Unlike top, htop provides a full list of processes running, instead of the top resource-consuming processes. htop uses color and gives visual information about processor, swap and memory status.

This application uses the ncurses library.

Features include:

  • View processes by user or sort by memory usage, processor usage, and more.
  • Color schemes.
  • Tree view.
  • Uptime, load average meters.
  • Scroll the list vertically and horizontally to see all processes and complete command lines.
  • Kill a process without typing the process number.
  • Renice a process without typing the process number or priority value.
  • Support for mouse operation.
  • Displays separate processors/processor cores.
  • Split CPU meters into two or four columns.
  • Support for UTF-8 tree drawing.
  • Incremental filtering.
  • Support for “steal”/guest CPU time measurement in virtualization environments.
  • Integrated lsof.
  • Battery meter.
  • Linux-VServer support.
  • List files used by a process.
  • Unicode support.

Support: FAQ
Developer: Hisham Muhammad
License: GNU GPL v2


htop is written in C. Learn C with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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