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GoTTy – turn CLI tools into web applications

Command-Line InterfaceThe Command Line Interface (CLI) is a way of interacting with your computer. And if you ever want to harness all the power of Linux, it’s highly recommended to master it.

It’s true the CLI is often perceived as a barrier for users migrating to Linux, particularly if they’re grown up using GUI software exclusively. While Linux rarely forces anyone to use the CLI, some tasks are better suited to this method of interaction, offering inducements like superior scripting opportunities, remote access, and being far more frugal with a computer’s resources.

Do you want to share your terminal session in a web browser? GoTTy is a utility that’s designed to turn your CLI tools into web applications. A remote user can view that terminal session over the network.


For Arch and Arch-based distro users, there’s a convenient package in the Arch User Repository.

If there’s not a package in your distro’s repositories, you can use a binary package available from the project’s GitHub page, or install the software with the go get command. The project provides binaries for both X86 and ARM architectures.

GoTTy is open source software.

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