get_iplayer – recording, indexing and searching of the iPlayer TV/Radio programmes and podcasts available

get_iplayer lists, searches and downloads BBC iPlayer TV/Radio, BBC Podcast, ITVplayer TV programmes, and TV.

get_iplayer is a Perl script which has three modes: downloading a complete programme for later playback; streaming a programme directly to a playback application, such as MPlayer; and as a Personal Video Recorder (PVR), subscribing to search terms and downloading programmes automatically.

If given no arguments get_iplayer updates and displays the list of currently available BBC TV programmes.

Each available programme has a numerical identifier, pid. get_iplayer downloads BBC iPlayer programmes by pretending to be an iPhone, which means that some programmes in the list are unavailable for download.

In PVR mode, get_iplayer can be called from cron to download programmes to a schedule.

Features include:

  • Search, index and download/stream:
    • BBC iPlayer TV – H.264/Quicktime/mov and Flash/AVI.
    • BBC iPlayer Radio (Local and National) – 192 kb/s MP3 and Realaudio.
    • BBC Podcasts – 192 kb/s MP3 or AAC.
    • BBC iPlayer TV subtitles – SubRip/srt.
    • ITV player Catch-up or classic TV – WMV/ASF.
    • TV – MP4.
    • Closed-captions/subtitles – SubRip/srtUses rtmpdump to download high quality Flash download versions for TV and radio.
  • Stream a programme in MPlayer or xine, either downloading or not downloading it to disk.
  • Download subtitles.
  • PVR capabilities.

Developer: Phil Lewis
License: GNU GPL v3

get_iplayer is written in Perl. Learn Perl with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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