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UPDATE April 2022: The project is now called OpenBB Terminal.

Python is one of the finest open source languages for data scientists mainly because of its incredibly powerful ecosystem with its huge array of machine learning/deep learning libraries, and powerful visualization software. To get a flavour of the ecosystem, check out our recommended Python Deep Learning and Python Visualization software.

One of the many use cases for the Python ecosystem is in the field of investment research. Can’t see the wood from the trees? Are you uncertain of the next investment decision to make? Step forward Gamestonk Terminal.

Gamestonk Terminal provides a modern Python-based integrated environment for financial investment research. It aims to provide a comprehensive tool to help make better investment decisions. This terminal-based tool is free and open source software written in Python.


The software uses a smorgasbord of packages. Software with a large number of dependencies often benefits from a Docker installation. But while we were up and running swiftly with Docker, we had issues opening charts in a web browser. Maybe the copious quantities of mulled wine over the Christmas festivities dulled our senses?

Instead, we found it easier to follow a local install using Anaconda, a distribution of Python (and R) for scientific computing, that aims to simplify package management and deployment.

We followed the detailed installation steps in the project’s GitHub only needing to run $ conda init zsh after creating the environment. To get full functionality, you’ll want to install the machine learning functionality, and obtain API keys for various services and update the config file ( accordingly.

Set aside an hour or so to get everything configured, but it’s definitely time worth spent.

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  1. Day trading is NOT a form of gambling. Gambling is pure luck play, day trading is a lot about skill. Granted, most people do not have the skill and will lose money, so the warning is spot on. But it is far from gambling.

    1. Putting NOT in capitals doesn’t transform your opinion into a fact. Gambling certainly isn’t simply pure luck.

      The difference between investing and gambling isn’t always clear cut. Many eminent investment professionals (such as Warren Buffett) consider day trading a form of gambling.

      It really comes down to how gambling is defined.

      For example in English law gambling forms part of a wider landscape of activities including financial transactions.

      Others argue that the extent to which financial speculation (which includes day trading) is similar to gambling is the extent to which it may have similar addictive and harmful aspects.

  2. GamestonkTerminal is now available as a discord bot, so you can use discord as the interface on both desktop and mobile. Huge leap forward for the Gamestonk Terminal!!

      1. for those who cannot manage docker or python installs(or don’t want to), it’s a fantastic option to access the best open source equities analysis platform, easily, quickjly, on desktop or mobile!

      2. That’s a pig in a poke.

        The solution should be to make the installation easier. The vast majority of Linux programs are trivial to install, Gamestonk Terminal should focus on that.

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