dupeGuru – find duplicate files

In Operation

dupeGuru sports a simple and intuitive graphical interface.

dupeGuru prompts for one or multiple folders to scan for duplicates, but the software can also load the results from a previously-saved searching session.

The program has 3 main modes, as indicated in the image below.


The standard mode is for any type of files but it doesn’t offer specialized features.

There’s a music mode that scans tags and shows music-specific information in the duplicate results windows. It supports tags comparison and its results window has many audio-related informational columns.

There’s also a picture mode that can perform fuzzy searches of pictures. This lets you find pictures that are similar, but not exactly the same. Each picture is opened in RGB bitmap mode, it’s then blockified by creating a 15×15 grid and computing the average color of each grid tile. Then the program compares them by examining each tile in the grid (an average color) which is compared to its corresponding grid on the other picture and a color diff is calculated. All these sums are added up to a final “score”.

The software supports 3 types of scanning types:

  • Filename (also known as worded scans).
  • Contents – Contents scans are much simpler than worded scans. The program reads files and if the contents  are exactly the same, the two files are treated as duplicates.
  • Folders – a special Contents scan type. It works like a normal contents scan, but instead of trying to find duplicate files, it tries to find duplicate folders. A folder is duplicate to another if all files it contains have the same contents as the other folder’s file.

Once a scan is complete, dupeGuru shows a results pane which offers filtering, searching and a range of actions such as sending marked files to the wastebin, move or copy files, rename, and much more.

dupeGuru - results

You can save results to dupeGuru’s own format, and/or export them to HTML and CSV formats.

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Bill W
Bill W
3 years ago

dupeGuru looks a tad basic really. fdupes is much better.