CodeGym Review: How to Learn Java With No Programming Experience

CodeGym is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform that helps entry-level programmers learn Java online. The platform covers Java Core, multithreading, collections, and main OOP concepts in a series of easy-to-grasp tutorials.

CodeGymThe solution combines engaging theoretical notes and tutorials with over 1,200 practice problems that help learners cement their understanding of the language.

Let’s take a look at how CodeGym empowers newcomers on their journey towards learning Java.

Main features:

  • Over 1,200 practice problems;
  • Mobile-friendly IDE;
  • Java courses that fully cover Java Core, Multithreading, and Collections;
  • A community forum for sharing knowledge.

A practice-first approach to programming

Despite the complexity of learning the programming language, the CodeGym development team made the learning curve as simple and understandable as possible for both a seven-year-old child and a mom on maternity leave.

The CodeGym training course is divided into step-by-step learning blocks, such as:

  • Java syntax;
  • Java course;
  • Java multithreading;
  • Java collections;
  • SQL and Hibernate;
  • JSP.

Let’s look at the beginning of the “Java Syntax” tutorial for an illustrative example.

CodeGym - Java CourseThe first training block, “Java Syntax,” uses metaphors and real-world examples to cover the use cases of e for variables, classes, and methods. Through hands-on practice problems, beginners will solve real-world problems and optimize code.

To fully empower students and help them nail coding exams and pass certification exams with flying colors, the platform is tailor-made to match CS curriculums.

These are the basic concepts that 1st-year students will encounter in the classroom. The Java syntax course, for one, has 10 lessons:

CodeGym - TasksIn addition, you can find the “Tasks” and complete any quests. The more tasks you solve, the more coding confidence you will earn.

Gamification: engaging projects to keep learners motivated

Not every Java student enjoys learning the theory of OOP and Java syntax. In fact, entry-level programmers often struggle with zoning out during abstract tutorials or lectures.

How to stay enthusiastic when learning high-level Java concepts? Apply your knowledge to the real-world context.

Through practice problems, CS students can check the retention of syntax concepts and develop a crucial skill for a successful programming career – problem-solving. It will allow you to secure the new material and repeat the old ones. CodeGym uses game development as the way to encourage students to put in hours of coding practice while having fun and building ready-to-run projects from scratch.

CodeGym offers a catalog of games targeted primarily at entry- and middle-level Java learners. levels of difficulty. Some of the most popular projects among platform users are Moon Lander, Hungry Snake, and 2048.

CodeGym - Game TasksBuilding games on CodeGym is an exciting opportunity to explore the language and create classic games that raised our generations. The extra appeal comes from graphics that are a cut above what the original titles looked like in the 80s and the ability to run the project code immediately.

Available for mobile, a fully optimized IDE

CodeGym specialists have developed an optimized and convenient application for mobile devices. Android smartphone users can connect to online lectures and solve practical tasks in Java IDE anywhere, climbing Mount Everest or surfing the waves of the Pacific.

You don’t have to worry about not having a computer at hand – all tools you need are everything at your fingertips. Community-driven — a forum for Java learners.

The key and most universal part of a Java course is the user community. Problems, bugs, or concepts that confuse learners are a key component to learning programming. But, for smooth and versatile problem-solving, you can share questions and doubts with fellow learners.

CodeGym - ForumThe learning platform CodeGym has created a unique community where any user can discuss a problem or a solution, ask questions about training and share his experience.

Success stories of CodeGym students

Beginners without programming experience do not imagine their careers clearly and distinctly at the beginning. Everyone is afraid of challenging tasks, searching for answers, and hundreds of pages of technical literature. But, don’t rush to give up and read the stories of students who persevered in coding in the Success tab. Take a look at the insightful stories in the CodeGym blog that help steer your career in the right direction.

Remember, you’re not alone

Any student can contact a mentor, have their code reviewed for bugs, or get inspiration for projects. On Codegym, programming learners are not left unsupervised – there are mentors to oversee your progress and fellow learners who’ll answer questions.

To get access to full Java courses, learners should use the platform’s subscriptions:

CodeGym - Subscriptions


Now that you have a full rundown of CodeGym, it’s time to use the platform to learn the basics of Java. Start an account to fuel your progress in programming or solve practice problems to improve knowledge retention.

The platform is available both for web and mobile, with account settings and course progress synchronized.

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