Clementine – modern music player and library organizer

Clementine is a cross-platform, lightweight, modern music player and library organizer based on Amarok.

Clementine focuses on a fast and easy-to-use interface for searching and playing your music.

It is inspired by Amarok 1.4, focusing on a fast and easy-to-use interface for searching and playing your music.

Features include:

  • Search and play your local music library.
  • Listen to internet radio from and SomaFM.
  • Tabbed playlists, import and export M3U, XSPF, PLS and ASX.
  • Create smart playlists and dynamic playlists.
  • Load M3U and XSPF playlists.
  • Undo and redo in the playlist.
  • Edit tags on MP3 and OGG files, organise your music.
  • Download missing album cover art from
  • Podcast support with integration with
  • Graphical equalizer.
  • Cross-platform – works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Native desktop notifications on Linux (libnotify) and Mac OS X (Growl).
  • Fetch missing tags from MusicBrainz.
  • Attractive on screen display.
  • Queue manager.
  • Supports MPRIS on Linux, or remote control using the command-line.
  • Supports indexing and playing music from Google Drive.
  • Support for Soundcloud.
  • Support for
  • Support for Moodbar.
  • Visualizations from projectM.
  • Copy music to your iPod, iPhone, MTP or mass-storage USB player.
  • Remote control.
  • Transcode music into MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Speex, FLAC or AAC.

Support: GitHub
Developer: David Sansome, John Maguire
License: GNU GPL v3


Clementine is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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