Cantata – Feature-rich client for Music Player Daemon

Configuration Options


One of the strengths of Cantata is its customization options which are very extensive.

  • Collection – Define your collections. These can be local or remote collections.
  • Playback – You can set fadeout time, enable crossfade, apply replay gain, and apply a volume step.
  • Interface – Here’s an amazing range of settings covering the sidebar, play queue, toolbar, external, tweaks, covers, and general settings.
  • Info – Here you can select websites to search for lyrics, and more.
  • Scrobbling – Here you can enter your account settings, choose whether to scrobble tracks, and to show the ‘Love’ button.
  • Audio CD – Set album and track information retrieval. You can turn off the full paranoid mode audio extraction.
  • Proxy – You can choose from the system proxy system, or define a manual proxy configuration.
  • Shortcuts – Cantata can be controlled by the keyboard. Here you can define keyboard shortcut settings.
  • Cache – The software caches covers, scaled covers, backdrops, lyrics, artist/album/track information, and more. This pane shows the amount of spaced used with the option to delete cached items.
  • Custom Actions – Define external commands that are called. These commands appear in a Customs Actions entry.
  • Service Keys – The software uses internet services to provide covers, radio stream listings and more. Most require an API key, but some services have limits on usage per key. This section lets you register with a service yourself. Set your API key for LastFM, FanArt, Dirble, ShoutCast, and SoundCloud.

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  1. It fails at the first page. What the hell do I put for ‘host’ when I want my own music on my own machine? Never been asked before on any music program.

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