Cantata – Feature-rich client for Music Player Daemon

Song Information

Click the i button to access background information on artists, albums, and lyrics.

In its three-pane view, there’s biographical information for each artist on the left, a cover photo of and information about the current album in the middle, and the lyrics of the current track on the right.


The above image shows biographical information about Eric Clapton, his album “From the Cradle”, and the lyrics for one of the tracks. When the current track is finished, the next track’s lyrics are displayed.

By default, Cantata displays a trimmed down version of Wikipedia pages with no images or links. There’s a wide range of lyrics providers that are supported including,, and

I like the responsive design. If there’s not enough space to show the three columns, the software reverts to a tab design.


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  1. It fails at the first page. What the hell do I put for ‘host’ when I want my own music on my own machine? Never been asked before on any music program.

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