Cantata – Feature-rich client for Music Player Daemon

In operation

If you’ve ever used the Rhythmbox music player, you’ll be familiar with Cantata’s interface. It’s elegantly, and thoughtfully laid out.

At the top are playback controls, album cover, a progress bar, volume control, information button, and a settings button (depicted by three horizontal bars). On the left, there are buttons to manage your library, folders, playlists, music sources, and access to a powerful search function. In the image below, the centre is occupied by a scrolling tree view of the artists and albums. The right-most panel hosts the current playlist. But these can be configured to your preference.


Cantata offers standard playlists, dynamically generated playlists, and rules based playlists. There’s support for playlists stored in the MPD server.

Click the album cover, and you’ll be taken to the compact view, as illustrated below.


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  1. It fails at the first page. What the hell do I put for ‘host’ when I want my own music on my own machine? Never been asked before on any music program.

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