Cantata – Feature-rich client for Music Player Daemon

Internet Streaming


A great way to learn more about Linux and everything else is to listen to podcasts. We covered the finest Linux podcasts in our roundup.

Cantata lets you subscribe to podcasts by entering the RSS URL, or, more conveniently, by searching iTunes, GPodder, browsing DigitalPodcast, the BBC, and CBC.

The interface is intuitive. It’s a better podcast player than many dedicated podcast software. But this is largely thanks to MPD. Cantata simply passes the stream URL to MPD.


Streams – Radio Stations

There’s support for Dirble, IceCast, ShoutCast and TuneIn. Here’s TuneIn in action.


Online Services

Cantata’s online services support is not nearly as wide as the much coveted MellowPlayer (which importantly offers services like Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Deezer, and Tidal), but Cantata does support Jamendo, Magnatune, and SoundCloud.

Jamendo lets you listen to a broad spectrum of free music, whereas SoundCloud offers more mainstream music.

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  1. It fails at the first page. What the hell do I put for ‘host’ when I want my own music on my own machine? Never been asked before on any music program.

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