BASIC-256 – easy to use version of BASIC

BASIC-256 is an easy to use open source version of BASIC designed to teach young children the basics of computer programming. It uses traditional control structures like gosub, for/next, and goto, which helps kids easily see how program flow-control works.

A built-in graphics mode lets them draw pictures on screen in minutes, and a set of easy-to-follow tutorials introduce programming concepts through fun exercises.

BASIC-256 programs consist of a series of statements separated by newlines, which are executed in order. A line may optional begin with a label followed without a space with a colon to be used as a destination of a goto, gosub, or onerror.

Features include:

  • Debugging.
  • Beautify code.
  • Functions.
  • Graphics.
  • Support for “real” functions and subroutines.

Developer: Ian Larsen & James M. Reneau
License: GNU GPL v2


BASIC-256 is written in C++ and BASIC. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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