SoX – Swiss Army knife of sound processing programs

Sound eXchange (known as SoX), is a free cross-platform digital audio editor, particularly suited to making quick, simple edits and to batch processing.

SoX is the Swiss Army knife of sound processing tools: it can convert sound files between many different file formats & audio devices, and can apply many sound effects & transformations, as well as doing basic analysis and providing input to more capable analysis and plotting tools. As an added extra, SoX can play and record audio files on many common platforms.

SoX is often used to convert an audio file from one sampling rate to another rate (e.g. from DAT to CD rates). SoX’s resampling algorithm is highly configurable.

SoX supports most common sound architectures. It also supports LADSPA plugins.

Features include:

  • Reading and writing AU, WAV, AIFF, MP3 (via an external LAME MP3 encoder), Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MP4 and other audio file formats.
  • Recording and playing audio (on many systems); playing via URL (internet file or stream).
  • Editing via concatenate, trim, pad, repeat, reverse, volume, fade, splice, normalise, silence.
  • Processing via chorus, flanger, echo, phaser, compressor, delay, filter (high-pass, low-pass, shelving, etc).
  • Speed (pitch and tempo), pitch (without tempo), tempo (without pitch), and sample-rate adjustment:
    • bend, pitch, speed, stretch, tempo.
  • Noise removal using frequency profiling.
  • Mastering effects.
  • Specialised filters/mixers.
  • Analysis effects
  • Silent passage removal.
  • Simple audio synthesis.
  • Multi-file & multi-track mixing (up to 4 channels), remix, swap.
  • Multi-file merging (e.g. 2 mono to 1 stereo).
  • Statistical analysis; spectrogram analysis.
  • Seek support for MP3 files.
  • Support specifying absolute end position instead of offset from beginning of trim operation.

Support: Documentation
Developer: Chris Bagwell, Roby Sykes and many contributors
License: GNU GPL v2

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