Scalaris – key-value store

Scalaris is an open source scalable, transactional, distributed, and fault-tolerant key-value store. It was the first NoSQL database that supported the ACID properties for multi-key transactions.

It has strong data consistency for online databases and for building scalable Web 2.0 services.

Scalaris uses a structured overlay with a non-blocking Paxos commit protocol for transaction processing with strong consistency over replicas. Scalaris is implemented in Erlang.

Features include:

  • Support of fast transactions on distributed hash tables (DHTs).
  • Structured overlay network with logarithmic routing performance builds the basis for a multi-dimensional key/value store. In contrast to many other DHTs, our overlay stores the keys in lexicographical order, hence range queries are possible.
  • Middle layer implements the ACID properties (atomicity, concurrency, isolation, durability) in the face of concurrent write operations. It uses an improved Paxos Commit protocol with a low communication overhead that has been optimally integrated into the overlay.
  • Top layer hosts the application, a distributed key/value store. This layer can be used as a scalable, fault-tolerant backend for online services like shopping, banking, data sharing, online gaming, or social networks.

Developer: Thorsten Schütt, Florian Schintke, Alexander Reinefeld, Nico Kruber, Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum, and others
License: Apache License Version 2.0

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