Geeqie – lightweight Gtk+ based image viewer

Geeqie is a lightweight open source image viewer.

The development is focused on features for photo collection maintenance: raw format, Exif/IPTC/XMP metadata and integration with programs like UFraw, ImageMagick, Gimp, gPhoto or ExifTo.

GQView is the predecessor to Geeqie.

Features include:

  • EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata browsing and editing.
  • Interoperability, easy integration with other software.
  • Geeqie works on files and directories, there is no need to import images.
  • Fast preview for many raw image formats.
  • Tools for image comparison, sorting and managing photo collection.
  • Viewing raster and vector images, in the following formats: 3FR, ANI, APM, ARW, BMP, CR2, CRW, CUR, DCR, DNG, ERF, GIF, ICNS, ICO, JPE/JPEG/JPG, JP2/JPC/JPX/J2K/JPF, JPS, K25, KDC, MEF, MPO, MOS, MRW, NEF, ORF, PCX, PEF, PBM/PGM/PNM/PPM, PNG, PTX, QIF/QTIF (QuickTime Image Format), R3D, RAF, RAS (Sun raster), RAW, SR2, SRF, SVG/SVGZ,TGA/TARGA, TIF/TIFF, WBMP, WMF, X3F, XBM, XPM.
  • Images can be displayed singly in normal or fullscreen mode; static or slideshow
    mode; in sets of two or four per page for comparison; or as thumbnails of various sizes. Animated images only have their first frame displayed.
  • All available metadata and Exif/IPTC/XMP data can be displayed, as well as colour histograms and assigned tags, keywords and comments.
  • Panels can be docked or floating.
  • Tags, both predefined and custom, can be assigned to images, and stored either as image metadata (where the file format allows), sidecar files, or in directory metadata files. Keywords and comments can also be assigned.
  • Basic editing in the form of lossless 90/180-degree rotation and flipping is supported; external programs such as GIMP, Inkscape, and custom scripts using ImageMagick can be linked to allow further processing.
  • Advanced searching is available using criteria such as filename, file size, age, image dimensions, similarity to a specified image, or by keywords or comments.
  • Custom colour profiles can be applied.
  • Geeqie sessions can be remotely controlled from external software, so it can be used as an image-viewer component of a bigger application.

Developer: The Geeqie community
License: GNU GPL v2


Geeqie is written in C. Learn C with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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