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Other Features

There’s a choice of light and dark themes, and an option to opt out of tracking. The tracking sends a click/vote count to radio-browser.info when you listen to a station or when you star a station. Nothing sinister in that, but we welcome the ability to turn off tracking.

One useful feature is the program’s ability to watch various TV stations. In the image below, we’re watching a Slovakian station.

Tuner - TV
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  1. Are any TV stations included or do you have to add IPTV m3u list .. love the blog on the G2 by the way ,bought one myself ( i5-6500T) and very pleased with its performance running Linux mint 😊

    1. Tuner taps into the wonderful radio-browser.info catalog. This catalog includes some TV streams, so I didn’t need to add the channels manually.

  2. You can change the station order and edit the favorites list by editing a json file. If you installed Tuner via Flatpak, it’s at ~/.var/app/com.github.louis77.tuner/data/com.github.louis77.tuner

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