Tuner – radio station player

In operation

Tuner taps into the wonderful radio-browser.info community database giving you access to over 29,000 stations from all over the globe.

On the left hand pane, there’s various presets. First is Discover which shows a random 10 stations from the community database. It’s a great way of finding new stations.

Tuner - Discover
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There’s trending and popular filtering too, the latter filters stations by popularity (it’s determined by the number of clicks each station has received).

Tuner - Popular
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The software also lets you browse stations by your resident country. As you can see, it’s displaying “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. We’ve rarely ever seen a software app ever use the UK’s full name in this way as the country is almost always known as the United Kingdom, Britain, or UK.

Tuner - Starred
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One of the most useful features is the ability to save your favourite stations although sadly there’s no way to reorder them.

You can also filter stations by their genre: choose from 70s, 80s, 90s, Classical, Country, Dance, Electronic, House, Jazz, Pop, and Rock.

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  1. Are any TV stations included or do you have to add IPTV m3u list .. love the blog on the G2 by the way ,bought one myself ( i5-6500T) and very pleased with its performance running Linux mint 😊

    1. Tuner taps into the wonderful radio-browser.info catalog. This catalog includes some TV streams, so I didn’t need to add the channels manually.

  2. You can change the station order and edit the favorites list by editing a json file. If you installed Tuner via Flatpak, it’s at ~/.var/app/com.github.louis77.tuner/data/com.github.louis77.tuner

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