Swift – cross-platform XMPP client

Swift Desktop is a multi-platform XMPP client for instant messaging and multi-user chat.

Swift contains a number of features that make it ideal for use in secure environments such as Military, Finance and Government.

This is free and open source software.

Features include:

  • Security Labels: Swift supports the security labelling of messages, ensuring that in both MUC rooms and 1:1 chats, messages can only be delivered to those with the security clearance required to view them (requires supports from an appropriate server).
  • Trellis Mode: Enables the user to view several MUC rooms and 1:1 chats at the same time, instead of on a tabbed interface.
  • Keyword/Phrase Highlighting: Easily create highlight rules for key words or phrases across multiple conversations, include the ability to highlight words or phrases only when used by specific individuals.
  • Message Delivery Receipts: Swift can request and display an acknowledgement from the target user’s client (1:1 chat).
  • Strong authentication using certificates and smart-cards as well as password-based SASL authentication mechanisms.
  • Cross-platform support – runs under Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Website: swift.im
Support: Git Repository
Developer: Remko Tronçon, Kevin Smith – Isode Ltd
License: GNU General Public License Version 3


Swift is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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