SimCoupe – SAM Coupé emulator

SimCoupe emulates the SAM Coupé – a British Z80-based home computer released in 1989 by Miles Gordon Technology.

This release of SimCoupe was derived from Allan Skillman’s SimCoupe 0.72 for DOS and Unix. It has been largely rewritten to improve accuracy and portability.

The emulator is written mainly in C++, with Win32, SDL, Allegro and Pocket PC targets.

Features include:

  • Options to balance between performance and convenience.
  • Emulates 3 SAM hard disk interfaces: Atom, SD-IDE and Yarek.ATMOD.
  • Real hard disks and compact flash (CF) cards can be used.
  • Print-to-file.
  • Disk images supported:
    • MGT – Simple sector dump of +D/SAM disks: 2 sides, 80 tracks/side, 10 sectors/track, 512 bytes/sector = 819200 bytes.  Compatible with the /dev/fd0u800 device.
    • SAD – SAm Disk format.
    • SDF – Sam Disk format, a stop-gap image format able to represent custom formats needed by copy-protected disks.
    • EDSK – Extended DSK images, originally designed for Amstrad CPC and Spectum +3 disks.
    • TD0 – Images created by the TeleDisk utility for DOS, as used in the early 1990s.
    • SBT – Sam BooTable files.
  • Debugger.
  • Cross-platform support – runs under Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Pocket PC, BeOS, QNX, OS/2 Warp, DOS, Sun Solaris, Amiga OS 4, PlayStation Portable, and GP2X.

Support: GitHub
Developer: Simon Owen
License: GNU GPL v2


SimCoupe is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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