Screenwriter-mode – plug-in for Emacs

Screenwriter-mode is a plug-in for Emacs, a free, cross-platform, text editor.

It’s a fork of screenplay-mode.

screenwriter-mode is about as automated as Trelby in terms of flow; it doesn’t auto-detect a slug line.

The plug-in is released under an open source license. You’ll need Emacs installed to use this elisp extension.

Features include:

  • Produces plain text files; there’s no meta-data or special file format.
  • No conversion is required.
  • Ships with screenplay-tools – a set of shell scripts written to fine-tune the screenwriting process:
    • screenplay-build – builds a single-document screenplay from each scene. This is intended as a quick, single-file preview of your screenplay only and does not contain page-numbers or scene numbers.
    • screenplay-title – generates a properly formatted title page for a screenplay. This interactively creates and saves the file ‘’ with a capitalized and centered title, a correctly placed by-line, and your contact info.
    • screenplay-print – formats the script for printing.
    • screenplay-character – extracts character names from the screenplay and generates a report for casting purposes. It searches for all the capitalized character names with dialogue.
    • screenplay-location – extracts location names from the screen play and generates a report for location scouting.
      • List of all (unique) locations.
      • List of all INT. locations.
      • List of all EXT. locations.
      • List all locations in script order.
      • Generate all of the above in one report.
  • Cross-platform support.

Developer: Klaatu la Terible (Author V. L. Simpson)
License: GNU General Public License version 2 or later

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