Pragha Music Player – GTK+3 lightweight music player

Are you looking for a lean and spritely music manager? Do you want something that doesn’t devour bucket loads of RAM or CPU cycles? Pragha Music Player may meet your requirements.

This music player is written in the C programming language, uses the GTK+ widget toolkit and stores database in a SQLite3 database. Enough of the technical gubbins, let’s crack on.


Pragha Music Player is released under an open source license. So you’ve got unfettered access to the C code. The developer doesn’t provide any official packages for Linux distributions, but many distros do provide packages for easy installation. But I’ll just dive into the source code.

To compile on my Arch system, I first need to install a few packages first. Your mileage will vary.

$ sudo pacman -S exo glyr xfce4-dev-tools libclastfm

xfce4-dev-tools was needed to run

Next, let’s clone the project’s repository, and compile the source code.

$ git clone
$ cd pragha
$ ./
$ make -j4
$ sudo make install

Regarding the make command, the -j flag tells make that it’s instructed to spawn the provided amount of ‘threads’. Ideally each thread is executed on its own core/CPU, so your multi-core/CPU machine is used to its maximum.

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  1. “DLNA Renderer: Play music of a DLNA server.”

    Wow! One of the few music organizers/players to be able to play files from a DLNA server.

    On a home network, I do not know why one would not want this feature. Deadbeef does not have it, and the only other GTK one that does that I can think of is Rhythmbox whose development has been very patchy to over the last 3 years, but as the first release in 3 years has just been made in January, perphaps a review of the new v3.4 will be forthcoming.

  2. OOPS, I should have checked the contents of the directories at
    Somebody just updated the link in January 2019 for “newest” release pointing to v3.4 of Rhythmbox (thereby updating the date on the directory) which was released in August 2016 — no new release in 2.5 years.

    1. Indeed. Rhythmbox 3.4.2 was released in October 2017, 3.4.3 in January 2019. The changes applied to 3.4.2 and 3.4.3 were mainly internationalization fixes only. Rhythmbox is essentially moribund.

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