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Media Downloader – frontend to multiple CLI-based tools


There are some useful extensions available which extend the program’s functionality.

To add an extension, choose the Configure tab. From the General Options sub-tab, click “Add a Plugin” button.

Adding an extension

When you click that button, you are prompted to select an engine file (this is a JSON file). You’ll need to download the specific JSON file by looking at the project’s Wiki page at Downloading the JSON files isn’t integrated into the GUI which is a shame.

After selecting this engine file, the interface changes to the Basic Downloader tab, and downloads the plugin. In the example below, that’s gallery-dl, which lets you download media from Instagram.

Installed extension

Other extensions that are available:

  • Safari books – download media from O’Reilly.
  • yt-dlp-aria2c – extension customized to use aria2c as a downloader.
  • wget – download regular files from the web.
  • aria2c – another tool to download regular files from the web.
  • yt-dlp-ffmpeg – download media from youtube and other supported sites.
  • lux – download media from youtube and other supported sites.
  • you-get – download media contents (videos, audios, images) from the web.
  • svtplay-dl – another way of downloading media.

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