Video Tools

Media Downloader – frontend to multiple CLI-based tools

In Operation

To download a video, enter the URL in the Enter URL: field and click the Download button.

Here’s a download in progress.

Media Downloader in action

The Get List button lets you choose from a list of preset options that can be used to download media if they are provided in multiple formats. For example, if we want to download the 1280×720 resolution in webm format, we enter 34 in the Download Options: field.

Media Downloader in action

What else does the program offer?

  • Support for parallel downloads. By default, the maximum number of concurrent downloads is 4, but this can be changed in the Configure tab. Note, using a high number of concurrent downloads can cause issues.
  • Batch downloads by entering individual links or read them from a local file.
  • Download a playlist from websites that supports them like YouTube.
  • Manage links to playlists to easily monitor their activities (subscriptions).
  • Add subscriptions.
  • Proxy support.
  • Auto-downloads updates.
  • Theme support – choose from Normal, Dark, or Pure Dark. You can also add your own theme.
  • Internationalization support.

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