LinHES – Linux distribution designed for use on Home Theater PCs

LinHES (Linux Home Entertainment Server) is a Linux distribution designed for use on Home Theater PCs (HTPCs). It centers around MythTV and uses Arch Linux. LinHES was previously known as KnoppMyth.

LinHES includes custom scripts that install and configure the MythTV PVR software as well as a number of add-ons. Most standard HTPC hardware is supported, and much of it is configured automatically, making the often complex installation and configuration process relatively easy.

LinHES can be used to install a full MythTV client and server system. This means that the front-end is stored on the same device as the back-end. Alternatively, LinHES can be used to install a MythTV client, front-end-only system.

The goal of LinHES is to make creating and maintaining a home theater PC as simple as possible. A fresh system can be transformed to a fully functional HTPC in around 20 minutes capable of:

  • Watching and recording television.
  • Pausing live TV.
  • Playback of DVDs and most popular video formats.
  • Retrieve fan art and information about your videos.
  • Jukebox supporting multiple audio formats.
  • View images.
  • Get the latest news & weather.
  • Play games.

Support: FAQ
Developer: Cecil Hugh Watson
License: Open Source

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