Lenovo M93

Lenovo M93 Ultra Small PC – Benchmarks – Week 2

Last Updated on April 19, 2021

There’s lots of processor benchmarks available, so we’ve limited the tests to 4. Let’s have a look at Smallpt first.

Lenovo M93 Smallpt

$ phoronix-test-suite benchmark smallpt

Smallpt is a C++ global illumination renderer written in less than 100 lines of code. Global illumination is done via unbiased Monte Carlo path tracing and there is multi-threading support via the OpenMP library.

The Lenovo M93 romps home first, again by a considerable margin. Its about 3 times faster than the Gigabyte BXBT-1900.

Lenovo M93 - Parallel BZIP2 Compression

$ phoronix-test-suite benchmark compress-pbzip2

pbzip2 is a parallel implementation of the bzip2 block-sorting file compressor that uses pthreads and achieves near-linear speedup on SMP machines.

This test measures the time needed to compress a file (a .tar package of the Linux kernel source code) using BZIP2 compression. This time Lenovo’s margin of victory is less but still impressive given that the refurbished machine is at the same price as the AWOW AK41 and NYI3 mini PCs.

Lenovo M93 Crafty

$ phoronix-test-suite benchmark crafty

Crafty is a chess program directly derived from Cray Blitz, winner of the 1983 and 1986 World Computer Chess Championships.

This is a benchmark looking at the CPU’s performance through a chess benchmark. This benchmark only uses a single core. Again the Lenovo M93 streaks ahead on this test.

Lenovo M93 x265 Video Encoding

$ phoronix-test-suite benchmark x265

This is a simple test of the x265 encoder run on the CPU with a sample 1080p video file. All five hardware struggle on this benchmark with none of them offering encoding at respectable frames per second. And the Lenovo M93 doesn’t fare well in this test, coming a lamentable 4th.

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Page 2 – Processor
Page 3 – Memory
Page 4 – Graphics
Page 5 – Disk

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This blog is written on the Lenovo M93 Ultra Small Desktop PC.

Lenovo M93AWOW AK41
TypeTiny Desktop PCMini PC
ProcessorIntel i5-4590T
2.00 GHz (Turbo 3.00 GHz)
4 cores and 4 threads
Intel Celeron J4115
1.80GHz (Turbo 2.5 GHz)
4 cores and 4 threads
ChipsetIntel HaswellIntel Gemini Lake
Memory16GB DDR3 (1600 MHz)8GB DDR4 (2133 MHz)
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4600Intel UHD Graphics 605
Disk240GB Crucial SSD128GB Foresee NVMe M.2 SSD F900F128GBH
AWOW NYI3Gigabyte BXBT-1900Asus UX305FA
TypeMini PCMini PCLaptop
ProcessorIntel Core i3-5005U
2 cores 4 threads
Intel Celeron J1900 2.00GHz
(Turbo 2.416 GHz)
4 cores 4 threads
Intel Core M-5Y10c
0.8GHz (Turbo 2.00GHz)
2 cores 4 threads
ChipsetIntel BroadwellIntel Atom Z36xxx/Z37xxxIntel Broadwell-U-OPI
Memory8GB DDR4 (1600 MHz)4GB DDR3 (1600 MHz)8GB DDR3 (1866 MHz)
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 5500Intel HD 2GBIntel HD Graphics 5300
Disk128GB Kingston NVMe250GB Samsung SSD 860128GB SanDisk SSD
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