KInfoCenter – provides information about the user’s system

KInfoCenter is a utility by KDE that provides information about the user’s system.

The software provides you with a centralized and convenient overview of your system and desktop environment.

The information center is made up of multiple modules. Each module is a separate application, but the information center organizes all of these programs into a convenient location.

Modules provide information on:

  • System – shows a brief summary about your system, i.e. your distribution, KDE Plasma Version, KDE Frameworks Version, Qt Version, Kernel Version and OS Type; and in the hardware section information about Processors and Memory.
  • Memory Information – displays the current memory usage. It is updated constantly, and can be very useful for pinpointing bottlenecks when certain applications are executed.
  • Energy Information – provides information about CPU wakeups, battery percentage and consumption over a user defined history and detailed information about the battery.
  • File Indexer Monitor – shows the state of the file indexer. If the indexer is not running you can start it and then suspend or resume the indexing.
  • Device Information – shows all relevant devices that are present within your PC. It has three sections, a device viewer, a information panel and a UDI listing for the currently selected device.
  • Graphical Information – with information about OpenGL, Wayland, and X-Server.
  • Network Information – displays information about the network interfaces installed in your computer.

Support: Documentation
Developer: Ben Cooksley KDE
License: GNU General Public License Version 2


KInfoCenter is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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