Genome Data Viewer – genome browser for exploration and analysis of eukaryotic RefSeq genome assemblies

The NCBI Genome Data Viewer (GDV) is a genome browser supporting the exploration and analysis of eukaryotic RefSeq genome assemblies. It supports the exploration and analysis of more than 730 eukaryotic RefSeq genome assemblies.

It allows users to visualize different types of sequence-associated data in a genomic context. Genome Data Viewer is also used by different NCBI resources, such as GEO, to display datasets associated with specified experiments or samples in a genome browser context.

GDV is comprised of a series of ‘widgets’ that are used for different types of interactions with the browser, such as genome searches, analysis of BLAST results, data uploads or changing the display. The widgets communicate with one another such that an action in one widget causes other widgets on the page to update.

Support: Help, GitHub Code Repository
Developer: National Center for Biotechnology Information

NCBI Genome Data Viewer

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