Gemini – audio player with wallpaper changer

Last Updated on September 1, 2020

Other Features

At the bottom left of the main window there’s a paintbrush icon. It accesses the wallpaper functionality. Here’s the default wallpapers supplied by the project.

Gemini Wallpaper

There’s four icons at the bottom of this pane. The first access a wallpaper spider where you can download wallpapers filtered by categories. This functionality didn’t work on my system. There’s the option to download YouTube thumbnails. The second icon lets you change the interval that wallpaper changes (by default it’s every 15 seconds). And you can stop the wallpaper changing if audio isn’t playing. The third icon lets you alter the wallpaper queue, with the final icon letting you add wallpapers stored locally.

Unusually some functionality is only accessible by keyboard shortcuts. There’s a full screen mode and a cinema mode, the latter which lets you immerse yourself with the wallpapers/music without the playlist and icons showing. They are a couple of examples of functionality only accessible with keyboard shortcuts. Other keyboard shortcuts let you play/stop/mute audio, save the current playlist, navigate the playlist, and more.

Memory consumption is crazy. After using the software for an hour, ps_mem reports Gemini is using 1.1GB of RAM. There must be bad memory leaks, as restarting the software and playing a track reduced the memory consumption to 600MB. But that’s still an unacceptable amount of memory, as illustrated by the chart below. Tauon Music Box has tons more features, yet has a much smaller footprint, and that’s not far from the leanest music player available.

Siren Memory Comparison

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