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Excellent GTK File Managers to Manage your Filesystem

Last Updated on December 24, 2022


There’s plenty of choice when it comes to Gtk file managers. There’s real depth available, but none of them usurp our favorite file managers, Krusader and Dolphin. But, of course, Krusader and Dolphin use Qt, not Gtk.

Besides the various forks of GNOME Files, there are other open source Gtk file managers. We used to rely heavily on Endeavour II.

If you prefer Qt applications, check out Qt File Managers Roundup. And we’ve also compiled our Survey of Console Based File Managers for when you need file management at the terminal.

Pages in this article:
Page 1 – PCManFM, Files, Double Commander
Page 2 – GNOME Commander, 4Pane, Sunflower
Page 3 – SpaceFM, Thunar, Polo
Page 4 – Tux Commander, Donatella, Files (Elementary)
Page 5 – emelFM2, Gentoo, Rox-Filer
Page 6 – Memory comparison
Page 7 – Summary

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Torin Doyle
Torin Doyle
5 years ago

Why no mention of Caja and Nemo?

Harold Plumber
Harold Plumber
5 years ago

And maybe in a future article you could cover non-GTK/non-QT window managers including XFE which uses the Fox widget library.

5 years ago

Hey folks. Thanks for mentioning Sunflower. Development has been stale for a bit due to my personal life and work taking most of my free time. However in the background I’ve been preparing new release for a while now, which will be based on GTK+ 3.20. This release will have better and simpler interface but without removing any of the existing features. It will be much faster and better optimized.

3 years ago

my favorites are Thunar and Caja, even they’re not perfect. nowadays I’m more than a terminal based FM guy though, I use Midnight Commander a lot.