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Essential System Utilities: System Monitoring Center

Performance: Summary

The large pane shows a very attractive graphical representation of the system’s summary stats. It offers an easy way to get an overview of CPU, RAM, disk, and network usage.

System Monitoring Center

We’d love the option to have a mini-mode which would hide the surrounding tabs.

SMC - General SettingsIn the header bar of the program, there’s a performance summary which also shows CPU, RAM, disk and network stats. This information can be turned off in General Settings, accessed by clicking the hamburger icon (three horizontal bars).

An image of the General Settings dialog box is shown in the image to the left.

Besides turning off the performance summary, there’s internationalization support and the option to choose between a light and dark theme, or use the system theme.

More interesting is the option to change the update interval and the graph data history which are less common options.

We can also remember specific settings, together with the option to reset all the settings.

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