dvgrab – command line FireWire DV and HDV capture tool

dvgrab receives audio and video data from a digital camcorder via an IEEE1394 (widely known as FireWire) or USB link and stores them into one of several file formats.

It features autosplit of long video sequences, and supports saving the data as raw frames, AVI type 1, AVI type 2, Quicktime DV, a series of JPEG stills or MPEG2-TS.

dvgrab can remote control the camcorder but it does not show the video’s content on screen.

Features include:

  • Use dvgrab’s file writing capabilities with other programs that produce raw DV
  • Automatically detects when your device is DV or HDV

Website: ithub.com/ddennedy/dvgrab
Developer: Dan Dennedy, Dan Streetman, Arne Schirmacher, and contributor
License: GNU GPL v2

dvgrab is written in C++. Learn C++ with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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