Cloud Foundry – cloud application platform

Cloud Foundry is an open source cloud computing Platform as a service (PaaS) software developed by VMware. It offers a faster and easier way to build, test, deploy and scale applications. It is primarily written in Ruby.

Cloud Foundry supports a wide range of services, and offers a choice of clouds such as vSphere/vCloud, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, Rackspace, Ubuntu, and more, and runs on either private or public infrastructure.

Cloud Foundry is an open source project and is available through a variety of private cloud distributions and public cloud instances. Micro Cloud Foundry is a free downloadable version of Cloud Foundry that can run on a developer’s laptop, for developers interested in a single instance, personal PaaS on your local machine. Micro Cloud Foundry is only available on Cloud Foundry v1 (not v2).

Features include:

  • Includes a self-service application execution engine.
  • Automation engine for application deployment and lifecycle management.
  • Scriptable command line interface (CLI).
  • Integration with development tools to ease development and deployment processes.
  • Open architecture for quick development framework integration, application services interface and cloud provider interface.
  • Supports applications written in the JVM based languages: Java, Ruby, Node.js, Groovy, Scala.
  • Supported frameworks include Spring and Play for Java, Lift for Scala, Grails for Groovy, and Rails and Sinatra for Ruby.
  • Application Services supported: MySQL, MongoDB, vFabric Postgres, Redis, and RabbitMQ.

Support: Blog
Developer: VMware
License: Apache License 2.0

Cloud Foundry is written in Go, Ruby and Java. Learn Go with our recommended free books and free tutorials. Learn Ruby with our recommended free books and free tutorials. Learn Java with our recommended free books and free tutorials.

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