Boop-GTK – scriptable scratchpad for developers

Full list of the scripts

  • Add Slashes – escapes your text.
  • Android Strings to iOS Localizables – converts Android Strings to iOS localizables.
  • Base64 Decode – decodes text from Base64.
  • Base64 Encode – encodes text to Base64.
  • CSV to JSON – converts comma-separated tables to JSON.
  • Camel Case – convertsYourTextToCamelCase.
  • Collapse lines – removes all linebreaks from text.
  • Count Characters – get the length of text.
  • Count Lines – get the line count of text.
  • Count Words – get the word count of text.
  • Date to Timestamp – converts dates to Unix timestamp.
  • Date to UTC – converts dates and timestamps to UTC dates.
  • Deburr – converts text to basic Latin characters.
  • Downcase – converts text to lowercase.
  • Eval JavaScript – runs text as JavaScript code.
  • Format CSS – cleans and formats CSS stylesheets.
  • Format JSON – cleans and format JSON documents.
  • Format SQL – cleans and format SQL queries.
  • Format XML – cleans and format XML/HTML documents.
  • HTML Decode – decodes HTML entities in the text.
  • HTML Encode – encodes HTML in the text.
  • HTML Encode all characters – encodes every character in the text.
  • Hex to RGB – convert color in hexadecimal to RGB.
  • JSON to CSV – converts JSON to comma-separated tables.
  • JSON to Query String – converts JSON to URL query string.
  • JSON to YAML – converts JSON to YAWL.
  • JWT Decode – converts JWTs to JSON.
  • Kebab Case – converts-your-text-to-kebab-case.
  • MD5 Checksum – computes the checksum of text (Hex encoded).
  • Markdown Quote – adds > to the start of every line of the text.
  • Minify CSS – cleans and minifies CSS stylesheets.
  • Minify JSON – cleans and minifies JSON documents.
  • Minify SQL – cleans and minifies SQL queries.
  • Minify XML – cleans and minifies XML/HTML documents.
  • Natural Sort Lines – sort lines with smart handling of numbers.
  • PHP Unserialize – convert PHP serialized data to JSON.
  • Query String to JSON – converts URL query string to JSON.
  • Remove Duplicate Lines – ensures each line of the text is unique.
  • Remove Slashes – unescapes the text.
  • Replace Smart Quotes – replace smart quotes with their simpler values.
  • Reverse Lines – flips every line of the text.
  • Reverse String – reverses the string.
  • Rot13 – applies the Rot13 cypher to text.
  • SHA1 Hash – computes the SHA1 hash of text (Hex encoded).
  • SHA256 Hash – computes the SHA256 hash of text (Hex encoded).
  • SHA512 Hash – computes the SHA512 hash of text (Hex encoded).
  • Shuffle Lines – randomize each line of text.
  • Snake Case – converts text to snake case.
  • Sort lines – sort lines alphabetically.
  • Sponge Case – CoNvERts yoUR Text To A HighER fOrM Of CoMMUnICAtiON.
  • Start Case – converts text to start case.
  • Sum All – sum a list of numbers (separated by either a new line, comma, or semicolon).
  • Test Script – testing script.
  • Trim – trims leading and trailing whitespace.
  • URL Decode – decodes URL entities in text.
  • URL Encode – encodes URL entities in text.
  • Upcase – converts text to uppercase.
  • YAML to JSON – converts YAML to JSON.
  • iOS Localizables to Android Strings – converts iOS localizables to Android Strings.

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