BetBlocker v GamStop

BetBlocker Linux App vs. GamStop Blocker

The modern gambling market is rapidly developing, with its own risks, particularly those related to gambling addiction. It gives rise to all new tools that allow players to control their behaviour and adhere to Responsible Gambling rules. Among the top services are BetBlocker for Linux users and GamStop, described in detail below.

Overview of BetBlocker Linux App

BetBlocker Linux App

Betblocker is a perfect option for those who are struggling with gambling addiction. It is an app you can download and install in a few minutes. The service is entirely funded via charitable donations and 100% for all users. To get started with BetBlocker, you must take the following steps.

  1. Visit the official BetBlocker website and click on the “Get an app” button.
  2. Select a Linux OS from the drop-down menu and click “OK”.
  3. Wait until the file is downloaded and install it on your device.
  4. After launching the app, it will work quietly in the background of your device and block 85,700+ gambling sites.

Among the main features of BetBlocker are the following:

  • The self-exclusion period from 24 hours to 5 years;
  • Free service;
  • Additional parental control feature;
  • No reversal during the restriction period.

All these make BetBlocker one of the most popular self-exclusion tools worldwide. But to get a big picture about the service, knowing its pros and cons is important.

Pros of BetBlocker:

  • It is an effective service for gamblers;
  • Customizable exclusion program;
  • Wide accessibility and free of charge.

Cons of BetBlocker:

  • Program is limited to sites which are in its database only;
  • Total reliance on gambler’s discipline;

Also, there is no Foolproof solution for those gamblers who want to circumvent the limits and restrictions set by this service.

Overview of the GamStop Scheme

GamStop Scheme
GamStop is definitely the most popular self-exclusion service available for UK-based gamblers. This service was launched in 2018 by a non-profit organization and is absolutely free to use.

The work of this service can be described in the following 4 stages.

  1. Registration: gamblers visit the official website and create an account.
  2. Activation: players pass the ID verification so the system adds their details to the database.
  3. Blocking: now, players may access gambling sites controlled by the UKGC.
  4. Removal: after the self-exclusion period ends, players must request the support service to be removed from the program.

Among the key GamStop features are the following:

  • Customizable self-exclusion over the period of 6 months, 1 year and 5 years;
  • Coverage of all UKGC-controlled sites;
  • Additional post-exclusion help;
  • Free service.

Now, let’s figure out this service’s main pros and cons.

Pros of GamStop:

  • Easy and cost-free service;
  • Self-control assistance;
  • No need to download software;
  • Additional links to reputable services for full psychological recovery.

Cons of GamStop:

  • Service is aimed only at casinos with UKGC licenses;
  • Potential to bypass by using different personal details.

Many UK-based gambling experts including Bradley Oliva revealed the fact of gambling not on GamStop with fewer restrictions and a wider selection of games. So these punters use blockers like BetBlocker. Below, you can learn more about other differences and common features between BetBlocker and GamStop. It will help you to choose the best option.

Comparison of BetBlocker and GamStop for Linux Users

While both services have much in common, they are still different. Below, you may compare the key features important for all BetBlocker and GamStop users.

Ease of Use

Both services are straightforward, so you will definitely not face any issues while using them. At the same time, BetBlocker requires installing a special application on Linux devices. GamStop users, in turn, do not need to download any extra software. They can simply register on the site, pass the ID verification, and be added to the GamStop database.

Range of Blocked Sites

BetBlocker offers self-exclusion from online casinos or sites with gambling content. At the time of writing, there are over 85,700 sites in its database. As for GamStop, its self-exclusion program can be activated only towards UK-based casinos with licenses issued by UKGC.


BetBlocker users can easily choose among a wide selection of self-exclusion periods ranging from 24 hours up to 5 years. Also, there is an option for permanent exclusion. GamStop clients feel free to block themselves from visiting casinos for 6 months, 1 year and 6 years.

After the self-exclusion period ends, you remain on the service’s block list. If you want to be removed, you must contact the GamStop customer support service and place an appropriate request.

Robustness and Reliability

Once you have activated BetBlocker, you cannot turn it off or delete it from your device so easily. The company has made efforts to ensure that you cannot do this during the entire self-exclusion period.

At the same time, recently launched online casinos may not be in the database of the service. As for GamStop, this service effectively blocks all clients from visiting sites under the UKGC’s control. At the same time, the restriction does not apply to offshore casinos.

Support and Updates

BetBlocker provides technical support in case of problems with the application, which is updated regularly. Keep in mind that newly registered casinos are not quickly added to the database.

At the same time, the service does not provide individual support or advice on gambling problems. GamStop, in turn, has links to useful services for psychological support. Given that this is a web service, technical support is not a priority.


Both services are top picks for those who want to control their behaviour or get rid of their gambling addiction. Knowing the key points of web service GamStop and BetBlocker (an app) their coverage, and their customizability, you can select the most suitable option.