Tools for Linux Gamers

Useful Tools for Linux Gamers

According to the latest games market analysis, the number of active gamers reached 2.7 billion this year. At the same time, the number of people using Linux for games is around 2.5 million monthly. Users will need additional tools to make their experience breathtaking, so let’s see which apps will come in handy for those with Linux software.


This app is the only tool with a massive game library, allowing users to enjoy any product on Linux OS. It helps to look through the collection and install, launch, and delete the chosen gaming solution on your device. It’s also a great tool for downloading bonus content with a few clicks.

The application can use steam technologies like Proton. Users searching for a way to manage all games using one means should definitely consider GameHub when playing on Linux.

Open-Source Casino App – Poker TH

If you are a casino lover and enjoy online gambling platforms, now you can have fun using Linux OS. Texas Hold’em is one of the most widespread casino games, and PokerTH is the best tool to enjoy it. The program has a simple interface, so even those new to this game will quickly sort everything out.

If you have forgotten the poker combinations, you shouldn’t worry, there’s a brief in-built guide that will help you navigate during the game. Players can choose to compete with computers or pick online play. The latter option allows gambling against real users and exploring the atmosphere of a real casino.

Additionally, users can customise settings according to their preferences, making the game even more exciting. Free Texas Hold’em is the best Linux tool for poker fans.

FPS Counter, Poker TH & GameHub

FPS Counter

It’s the best tool, allowing one to evaluate the game’s performance and provide recommendations about the most suitable resolution for a particular PC. Many users have been searching for ways to count clicks per second, and FPS counter scripts usually come in handy.

Sometimes such a feature is built inside the game, but not every product boasts such characteristics. Therefore, Linux players feel the need to use additional applications to measure the games’ quality.


Don’t pass by this tool when seeking a game launcher for Linux OS. Using this tool, gamers can enjoy the full list of services provided on Epic Games website. This open-source app is free and allows users to install it on their devices with several clicks. The main benefits of Legendary software include the following:

  • Quick installation of any game from the platform.
  • Possibility of product updates when they are available.
  • Synchronisation with the cloud to save progress.
  • Online authentication for a higher security level.

Those who have already used Legendary note the tool is not perfect but has plenty of advantages. It works smoothly and allows users to enjoy a vast game library.

Steam DB, Minigalaxy, Legendary


Another open-source GOG tool for Linux helps users manage their gaming portfolio. It’s easy to download and install a massive selection of games and play them on the Linux OS. The system is regularly updated, so all the bugs are fixed, and using Minigalaxy becomes even more delightful. The main features of this tool are:

  • Quick log-in and product download.
  • Regular game updates for Linux.
  • Possibility to change the installed games.
  • Available in multiple languages.

Managing games on the Linux OS has never been as simple as with Minigalaxy. It’s an indispensable tool for everyone who would like to get their best gaming experience.

Steam DB

This tool was launched in 2013, and it entirely changed the gaming landscape for Linux users. Steam DB was initially developed to make playing on this OS as simple as on Windows or macOS. This app allows users to reach different games and quickly install them on their devices.

SteamDB helps players reach all the games on the Steam platform: the full database will delight all gaming fans. It is a great software to enjoy world-famous shooters like Counter-Strike, Dota 2, leading virtual racing games like F1, top-rated adventures like Remnant II and numerous other bestsellers with all their updates.

Final Insight

Of course, the number of Linux users cannot compare with those who play on Windows or macOS. However, people still enjoy this operating system and search for ways to launch their favourite products. Therefore, since the popularity of Linux is growing, players need ways to adapt modern gaming solutions to this OS.

Therefore, there are already numerous tools to enjoy the best products and their features. For example, Mingalaxy is a great way to install a range of games, FPC Counter is useful for optimising games’ performance and assessing a PC’s capability to play games at various resolutions, Texas Hold’em is a free online poker game with a great community of gambling fans and many more. All the tools mentioned above will benefit Linux fans and make their gaming experience even more thrilling.

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