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24 Great KDE Plasma 5.24 Themes

7. Materia

KDE Themes: Materia
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We know that a lot of folk love Materia so we couldn’t omit this style from our roundup. We think it’s slightly overrated but maybe we are wrong.

8. Ant-Dark

KDE Themes: Ant
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As the name suggest, Ant-Dark is a dark theme. It’s modern in appearance. The theme won’t give your desktop an overtly lively and colourful look. But this might be exactly what you want.

9. GruvBoxPlasma

KDE Themes: GruvBoxPlasma
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This is a suite of themes for KDE applications that match the retro gruvbox colorscheme for Vim, a highly configurable text editor built to make creating and changing any kind of text very efficient.

GruvBoxPlasma is published under the MIT license.

10. Monochrome KDE

KDE Themes: Monochrome
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Monochrome is one of the most striking themes. This dark theme is inspired by black and white photography.

The theme consists of the following components: Aurorae Theme, Konsole Colour Scheme, Kvantum Theme, Plasma Colour Scheme, Plasma Desktop Theme, Plasma Look and Feel, Plasma Splash Screen, SDDM Theme, and a Yakuake Skin.

The theme is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

11. Psion

KDE Themes: Psion
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Psion offers a bold industrial look and provides themes for Plasma, Aurorae and Colorschemes.

12. Aritim

KDE Themes: Aritim Light
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There are light and dark themes available. We’re showing the light theme here.

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  1. I loved IRIX with 4Dwm window manager. It was based on the classic Motif window manager. That reminds me, I must try Motif again, it was open sourced eventually.

  2. None of them have a transparent kicker. Also too much darkness. I just build my own from 3 to 4 other styles. If you are in the know it is easy. Inkscape can be your friend. If you want some color, dig up the old oxygen kicker icon set. The current rage of dark and no color is hard on old eyes.

  3. I concur with James, for older eyes (68) dark is not a good choice. I certainly understand younger eyes enjoying the contrast and lower brightness. I’m pretty happy with the ChromeOS Light theme but use either Breeze Extra Icons or Breeze Rounded Icons along with Breeze window decorations. Frankly I have not seen a window decoration I would change Breeze for, they baked that cake just right!

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