Stock Market Investment Tools

7 Best Free and Open Source Stock Market Investment Tools

We have all read stories about people who have experimented living without spending any money whatsoever. By growing their own food, washing in the river, using a solar panel to provide electricity, and bartering for certain goods and services, these adventures have met with limited success. However, for us mere mortals the simple fact is that we need money. Money to buy food, to purchase clothes, to pay our bills, as well as indulging in our other infinite wants and desires.

While it can be a struggle to make ends meet, it is possible to make life easier through better money management. Financial management is about planning income and expenditure and making informed decisions that enable you to survive financially.

If you are looking to make changes to your investment portfolio, there are a range of options available. You could use the services of an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA), contact your bank, or follow Warren Buffet’s advice and buy passive investment which seek to replicate the performance of a market index.

Many investors prefer to make their own stock market investment decisions. This article focuses on the best free and open source software that help you make better decisions.

Here’s our verdict captured in a legendary LinuxLinks-style ratings chart. Only free and open source software is eligible for inclusion.

Ratings chart

Let’s explore the 7 stock market investment tools at hand. For each application we have compiled its own portal page, a full description with an in-depth analysis of its features, together with links to relevant resources.

Stock Market Investment Tools
OpenBB PlatformPython-based integrated environment for investment research
JStockMakes stock investment straightforward
Portfolio PerformanceCalculate the performance of an overall portfolio
Chart GeanyMarket technical analysis, charting and a portfolio manager
GhostfolioWealth management software built with web technology
MASTools for analysis of financial markets using technical analysis
TradeSimTest strategies without risk in a simulated market

This article has been revamped in line with our recent announcement.

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