bashrun2 – start programs from interactive bash sessions

bashrun2 is an application launcher based on a modified bash session in a small terminal window, providing all the well known bash features like tab-completion and history.

The tool adds application launching capabilities to interactive bash sessions, suitable for a graphical user environment.

It offers an application launcher in the style of a simple run dialog by starting an interactive bash session. There’s also a built-in terminal mode.

Supported terminals are xterm, urxvt, mrxvt, mlterm and aterm.

Features include:

  • Automatic detection of console applications.
  • Rules for running console applications in dedicated terminals.
  • Run commands with a different user id.
  • regexp based command line rewriting (file associations, web shortcuts, etc).
  • User-defined actions and extensions.
  • Terminal mode available if you want to use a dedicated, bashrun augmented terminal that can be brought up front with a single keybinding in your window manager or desktop environment.
  • Remote control features. A lightweight remote interface to an existing bashrun run-dialog session is installed in the current bash session.
  • Built-in support for using (Debian’s) urxvtcd script.
  • Experimental support for cygwin/cygwin-x.

Support: Quick start guide, GitHub code repository
Developer: Henning Bekel
License: GNU GPL v2

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